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You’re only as strong as your grip strength

I have been spending a considerable amount of time trying to decide how I want to carry my camera. Most people use the camera strap that came with their camera and never think twice about it. Well, for me it feels like I’m being entangled and slowly choked by a seatbelt that also pulls on my hair. And it gets in my way. So that’s out.

As an alternative, I bought a hand strap for my Sony A7ii that was really made for DSLR’s, but so far it works and I love it. I’ve brought my camera out and about a few places to realize, however, that my hand and wrist are getting fatigued fairly quickly. Not to mention that I’m left handed and my new setup requires me to carry my camera in my right hand (this is a right handed world, after all). So I did some research…

You are only as strong as your grip strength.


If you’re like me and using a mirrorless camera, then you have the joy of a lightweight powerhouse. The one contradictory downside is that without any special add-ons, the grip for the camera may or may not be enough for you. Since I don’t want to add weight to my setup, I got myself a Gripmaster Hand Exerciser (about $15). I recommend light or medium depending on your needs; I bought a medium one because it’s just what the store had.

Since I had little knowledge of how to use this strange contraption, I also found their recommended hand exercises here. My favorite exercises are the hook grasp, thumb pinch, and especially the power pinch. These not only strengthen your wrist and forearm, but also the specific hand areas that are required for a firm grip on your camera.

I’m amazed (and humbled) at my non-dominant hand’s strength after playing around with this thing. Grip strength is so important for all kinds of activities, and I think it’s especially common for women to leave that area of their body undeveloped. With regular use, I expect that I’ll be able to go longer and longer without fatigue while I’m out shooting. And my wrists will thank me for it, too.