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‘Round these here parts

I’ve been pretty busy lately – socially and otherwise. Over Easter weekend my church had an Easter fair for the community. I think we can all agree on the best part: me sitting on a stack of hay in the baby animal petting zoo. After all, it’s pretty easy to get the animals’ attention when you’re sitting on their food 😎 . Meanwhile, Michelle was painting faces all afternoon and it turns out she did a really great job!

Jenn’s birthday was last weekend so we celebrated at Rocco’s Tacos and I had the California Fish Tacos. Yes – you should try them…delicious! I also was able to take some nice portraits of Jenn and her husband, Harif, before the night was over. On Sunday, I made my lip sync battle debut and Jenn captured the hilarity of the moment well (kudos!). Afterwards, I got in more practice taking portraits and I included one that I took of Becky.  I’m relieved that everyone is getting more comfortable with me always having a camera around. Actually, some of them might even like it. 😉