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On Being Honest

In the words of Garance Doré,

“…the idea of success has tainted the fun naivety of the beginnings.”

It seems to be a big challenge to put yourself out there these days. There’s a vulnerability in revealing your thoughts, and an even bigger one in receiving feedback. Though I am only lately becoming just daring enough to point a camera in someone’s face, I still walk a line between finding my personal style and gleaning from those whom I admire. The fun perk (if that’s what you call it) that Garance eluded to is the discovery of one’s personal voice…

Meanwhile, I like to keep many journals at one time. Most of them are grossly neglected and rarely updated, but the “ugliest” ones of them receive the most honest thoughts. The logic is simple really: the pretty journals are reserved for pretty thoughts; ready to be on display at any given moment. The unfortunate truth is that the journals that tell the real story of growth are the ones tucked away. So in this blogging journey, I resolve to approach it like an ugly journal. Having the courage to write and photograph honestly seems like the only way to go.

More to come,