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It’s up to me

Last Monday I was hanging around in Winter Park (mostly to shop at one of my fav places, Rifle Paper Co.) and I decided to stay for lunch. I went to Armando’s, a pizzeria quaintly tucked away off of Park Ave.

When I walked in, there was only one family there with a well-dressed man who looked like he was ready to strike up conversation. I asked my friend through my teeth, “Who is that?” and I got a simple reply, “The guy that spoke at your graduation.” Congressman John Mica.

John Mica

Now, John Mica is a Winter Park local so it wasn’t so rare seeing him. But the part that stood out to me is that I got to greet him and recount the statement he impacted me with most just 2 1/2 years ago:

These are ten words for the rest of your life: ‘If it is to be, it is up to me.’

Besides having the honor of updating my graduation keynote speaker on my post-grad life, I got a blatant reminder that the results we want in life are really up to us.


And on another note, I was inspired that maybe, just maybe I could overcome my disillusionment of the political process and get involved. But that’s yet to be determined. 😉