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Happy New Year

I don’t really care too much to say “goodbye to 2015”. Mostly because I try to take each day as a new day, and therefore I’m constantly shedding.

But this year I really began to tap into my genius. As humans, we’ll never have full understanding of our potential, but it goes to show that running forward like there is no limit allows potential to reveal itself. I gained a lot of knowledge and information. I moved forward in the slow and painstaking process that is “adulthood”. I tried new things and went to new places. It was all great.

The year ahead looks to be the same: life in motion, world in color, and (hopefully) self discipline in the wake of it all. I don’t feel compelled to tell you that I’m ready to take on 2016 (though I am), but I will say that this new year will bring about unprecedented experiences that make life worth living and the call worth pursuing. It really can’t get better than that.