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Converge Youth Ministry

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to take photos of my church’s youth ministry, Converge. It was exciting and challenging, especially because I’ve never been ‘on assignment’ during an event before. We were doing a segment about “getting in shape” for spiritual warfare and I was lucky enough to catch some pre-show antics.

In the words of Jenn and Michelle, “First rule of crossfit: always talk about crossfit!”

After telling them to get closer together for the sake of composition, I was able to snap this picture. I’m finding more and more that I love candid shots. Normal studio portraits have their merits, but I believe nothing shows the spirit of a person’s personality more than photos like these.

A student worships God freely

After carefully going through my final set of photos, I found some moments that I dearly treasure. The main challenges of this assignment was mostly non-ideal lighting and figuring out how to capture intimate moments without being intrusive.I wish I had gotten more shots that weren’t from a ‘behind’ perspective, but at the same time I realize that anything more than what I did risked making the worship experience a production… and I definitely didn’t want that!

All in all, I am happy with the results of my first go around. And to know that I can use my camera to capture the essence of an atmosphere like this is even more exciting. My goal is that people will be drawn in by these moments of hope – and maybe even be changed by it, too.

Thanks for reading!