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Candid Disney World Moments

I love the innocence of this photo. Such a simple moment, but I think it speaks deep to the contrast of childhood wonder and adult responsibility. The man on the right is a dad who selflessly looks on as his son uncovers the next clue of his quest. The boy, reserved and probably shy, peers from behind the gazebo post. From an artistic standpoint, the moment only caught my eye because of the color harmony. But when I reviewed it later, it impressed upon me even more.

Being an Orlando local, I get plenty of exposure to the candid thrill portrayed in theme park advertisements. What really fascinates me is noting the perceived from the actual. Yes, Disney is full of smiles and elation. It’s also full of screaming, tired kids. And finally there’s silly moments like this:

What a strange moment to capture! I was practicing ‘shooting from the hip’  and this was my result. But again, I was drawn in while meditating on the moment itself. A mom helps her daughter eat a melting creamsicle. Another mom squints and tries to process what’s happening. All the while the children get to be children, and relatively worry free.

There’s a beauty in both sides of the story. And it made me think, too. Will these people remember these oddly specific moments? Probably not. But I will, and I’m glad for it. This is what sweet innocence and selfless sacrifice looks like. And I can’t help but to appreciate such a special thing.